March 31, 2012

Where Are You

This photo was taken about a month before Chinese New Year, this year. Hubby and I went and bought some plants, soil and pots. Upon reaching home, I took out everything from the plastic bag and start replanting those new plants into the new pots. Half way adding soil into a pot, I heard sounds of plastic and when I turn my head, there he was, Rusty sitting comfortably in the plastic bags. He even stayed there until I washed my hands, took out the camera and took this shot. He sure loves to have his photo taken.

He had been missing for a week now. I told some of my students and one of them said his cat went missing before, for two weeks and came back. His cat was stalking a female cat. He said a male cat would follow a female cat until they get to mate. I sincerely hope that was the case for Rusty.

Rusty is always over friendly with humans. Maybe he had found a new owner and was lock up some where somehow. Or worst still, too friendly and he was hurt by some nasty human.

Kinda missed that little fellow and his pampered meow. These few days when ever anyone of us hears a meow we would go check and see if it was Rusty. Hope he is safe and in good hands and have enough to eat and a comfortable place to rest.

Normally he would come home for meals and leave. Sometimes he would spent the whole day in my house lying around doing nothing. But every time when he is home, he always wants to stay near a human. His favorite spot is on my youngest son's lap when ever my son is around. Had never been missing for more than twelve hours until now. Wish he could text me a line or two letting us know he is alright.

Thanks for reading. Just wanna get this off my chest. Rusty, I will pray for your safety and hope you are well and happy and being loved by all. The door is always open for you when ever you feel like dropping by.


Don't unplug your hub. said...

Rusty is a lucky cat. My cat Bonnie also has a thing for plastic bags.

Aries said...

Cats are very curious creature and love to explore every single thing. Thanks for visiting.

seriousnuts said...

I've never had a pet cat. But I do find cats adorable. I hope you'll find Rusty soon. By the way, I've tagged you in my recent post, you could check it out here:

Have a good day.

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