April 6, 2012

Local Or Abroad

Not sure why but most Malaysian that I know, and most Asians too, think that it is very important that their children studies abroad. Even when their financial status does not permit so, they would still borrow to send their kids oversea. Is it really that great? Or is it because Malaysians rarely read and didn't know that most of the billionaires and well known person in the world are drop-outs. Some did not even complete high school.

My eldest son is in college now doing foundation and plan to take up business studies, locally. He said there are quite a lot of foreigners in his college. If Malaysia does not have so many great colleges and universities than how come so many foreigners choose to study here? Or is it just for the sake of "studying abroad".

There was this local documentaries about parenthood on t.v some time ago. They would go into lives of some of the Malaysian and interview them about parenting. I remembered there was this elderly couple. The t.v crew would follow them around for few days. This two couple had retired but are doing voluntary works for some charity bodies.

They too believe that it is important to let their children study abroad, widen their scope and get to see / learn more. They did send all their few children oversea and now all of them stayed oversea, some got married, some working abroad and only skype them when they are free. So everyday they lived like there is only two of them. Their children only comes back once every few years, some, none at all.

After watching the show I realize how lucky my in-laws and my mum is. Almost every Saturday all my sister and brother in-laws would meet up at my mother-in-laws place. We would chat, poke fun, tease each other like small children. Occasionally I would go visit my mum, and my sister and her whole family would be there, we would chat, have fun, enjoy each other's company. We celebrate mother's day and father's day without fail and every time when we eat out we need at least two huge tables to fit us all.

Isn't this the reason for getting married? Well, for me it definitely is. To have a family and enjoy the company of extended family too. When anyone of us need help, others are more than willing to chip in and help. These type of bonding between us are priceless. We watch all our children grow up together, we grow old together and get close too like how relatives are suppose to.

I have nothing against sending children to study abroad. If you can afford it, why not. Not all children end up not coming back, but I still think that as parents, the most valuable lesson that no school or university could teach is, the importance of having relatives. Do you know in Japan they have this "rent a relative" during festivals and dinners so that their neighbors and friends won't know that they are actually living alone when in fact they do have relatives and children. Not sure if they are still doing it now a days.

Thanks for reading. You can call me old fashion but I prefer to have my children and relatives around me, not 24-7, but at least often enough to live like a big happy family. At least someone to laugh with me when I am happy and cry with me when I am down.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I think foreigners come to Malaysia because it's cheap here.. that or they are up to some illegal vice :P

I've never heard of the rent-a-relative thing. That's new!

Btw, I do believe family is important, how I long to be able to bring my kids to visit my mum and dad..

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I don't understand it either. The education system here in England doesn't seem that special to me. Maybe it is simply a way for children to broaden their horizons. Although they don't need to study to do that.

Cee S. said...

I also definitely want my kids to get the best education they can get out of the what we make. But honestly, I don't think I can send my children abroad to study, even if I can afford it. The best universities here in our country is not within our area, and as early as today, I am thinking on how am I be able to send them into one of those without letting them reside in a dormitory. I can't even convince myself with that. How much more if it's abroad? Just like Malaysians, Filipinos also have strong sense of family ties.

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting and love reading your comments

seriousnuts said...

Many parents here in the Philippines would also love to send their children abroad to study. I think they have this concept that a person would have better opportunities and success abroad. It only shows that the country we are living in has poor economy and little chance to prosper. The bad side of sending children overseas is just like what you've said, it tears the family apart. Children who study abroad would find that the foreign countries have greener pastures and would never want to come back to their own place, thus, leaving their families behind. I'm happy that you have very fortunate mother and mother-in-law. To me, family is the most important thing in life and that is one of the main reasons why I don't want to explore abroad and is still trying my luck here in my country despite the many struggles I face.

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