April 24, 2012

Time To Do Want I Always Wanted

I visited the SPCA last weekend with hubby and my youngest son. We donated a bag of cat food. What prompt me to visit? Well, recently over the radio the D.J mentioned that every public holiday, the malls, cinemas and restaurant would be pack with people. Why not do something different like pay a visit to the SPCA or an orphanage or do some voluntary work for the handicapped etc. Very true indeed. Embarrassed to mentioned that I have never visit the SPCA before.

My eldest is in college now and able to drive, so less one worry. My youngest is in secondary school and would be in college in a couple of years. Guess this is the best time to do the things that I love but no time, in the past. I long to have pets like cats and dogs and rabbits. Already have the experience of raising few batches of rabbits from birth in the past. Still have an old rabbit living with me. Now two lovely teenage cats always hang around my house and I am feeding them daily, kinda like my pets too but they do not enter my house. They do show affection and do allow me to pat them. So glad that they are not afraid of me anymore.

What else is missing? A dog of course. So tempted to bring that lovely cream colored puppy of mixed breed home from the SPCA the other day. Hubby said we should wait for the year end school term break so that my son is around to help. Kinda make me think twice too. A case of watching too many of Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer on t.v showing so many "good dogs turn bad". I have to really prepare myself before I have a dog. Searching the net now a days to find out more about having a dog and how to potty train etc. Really makes me feel like the first time I got pregnant. That was the time when I start reading about babies and child care etc.

My sons can't wait to have a dog too. Occasionally I would create some excitement in our life. It would start to get dull if we are so routinely doing the same thing every day. Like my youngest son said, with a dog, we could all learn together how to take care of it and have something different to do daily.

Having a new pet is like having Discovery Channel, live, at home. Like the time when Rusty, the stray cat, that came into our life, brings so much joy. We learn so much from him too. We don't really know much about cats until we have him. Same goes to the rabbits. Now I hope we could get a dog by year end.

Guess only animal lovers would understand the joy of having a pet. Those who don't like pets, would find having them as a burden. I once mentioned that I would be getting a dog soon and my sister-in-law came up with a thousand reasons why I shouldn't. She really don't know what she is missing.

Thanks for reading. Happy blogging and blog hopping to you. Hope you have a great pet that loves you as much as you love it.


convert girl said...

Hi Aries, I just started with this whole pet thing.. Yes, it is really hard work to have a pet. I don't allow my cat, Catty, to go inside the house, kept him in our courtyard instead. I also don't allow him to go out for afraid that he will liter in people's houses. I hate to have other people's cats and dogs do their businesses in my porch. My youngest daughter has totally fallen in love with Catty so we decided to keep him. Now the whole family has this love affair with Catty too... Have a nice weekend to you...

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