April 29, 2012

How Time Flies

Oh my, April had come to an end. So much more that I pledged to do this year and is still on the "to do" list. Maybe I should look at it the other way. I had however made some changes, personal changes. I had become more spiritual, more patience and had line up more exciting stuffs for the whole family to do as a family. I used to think that family days are to be spend on vacations or eating out, trying new restaurants. Now I found out that I could turn charity into family day too.

To start off, we visited the SPCA recently and had donated a bag of cat food. Plan to do that more often. Now thinking of other charities that we could do as a family. Well, when I was young, my mum works seven days a week and hardly any time for us. Then when I was in school, I used to join school trips to orphanage and old folks homes. When I got married, I concentrated on building a career and a family. Juggling between those two really takes up all my time.

When my two sons started school, I spend most of my time teaching them, encouraging them to do well academically. Attend to them 24/7 and very little time for myself. Now My eldest is in college and my youngest will be in college in a couple of years, guess it is time to do more charity. I might join some volunteer program later too.

Spiritually, I had learn to meditate. Listen to more spiritual talks to improve myself. Health wise I had change my diet and plan to be a vegetarian on week days soon. At the moment only on first and fifteen of the month according to the Chinese calender. Those are the two auspicious day to not eat meat. I remember I told hubby and my sons that I might turn into a vegetarian soon and they all turn and look at me with eyes wide open and said "Why!". Hahahah maybe they are worried that they might have to turn vegetarian too because I am the only cook at home.

Well, all the above do sounds like I am in a mid life crisis. I am indeed in my mid forties and should live like there is no tomorrow and start doing things that is to please me instead of everyone else. Now I sound kinda selfish too, hhahaha. Wonder if this is actually known as mid live crisis at all.

Well, what ever the future may be, I cannot plan so far ahead, my plans are up to the end of this year. I will think of something else by end of the year to keep my life as exciting as ever. I am a very easy to please person. My bucket list does not comprise of jumping of a cliff or climb the highest peak. Just as long as I could make another person/being happy will make me happy like feeding stray cats or feeding the poor.

Thanks for reading and blogging is still part of my plan. Happy blogging to you and may you do lots of stuffs that makes you happy too. Gotta go now.


Don't unplug your hub. said...

The best thing is to live each day as it comes. You are still a young lady by the way. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

convert girl said...

I don't think it's mid-life crisis, you are just getting wiser... Live your life to the fullest now because we never know what tomorrow brings... Glad to know that blogging is still in your bucket list...;) Happy blogging...

Aries said...

Thanks for your comment, appreciate it.

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