March 25, 2012


Wedding vows normally are :

"...... will love you in sickness and in health,
in poverty or in wealth,
till death do us part "

Almost every parents' secret vows :

" ...... will love you in tantrum or in protest,
in sickness or in health,
mess up my life or burn down the house,
made my hair stand on ends or joy all around,
will protect, provide for you and love you unconditionally"

Every child's vow to their parents should be :

" ...... will love you and care for you,
in sickness or in health,
in poverty or in wealth,
constant nagging or praising,
be by your side when ever you need me,
even though I was not given a chance to choose my parents,
but I was designated to be your child,
you too have no choice but to tolerate with me,
and still love me unconditionally,
I will care for you like how you care for me"

Guess the only vow made public was the wedding vows. Thanks for reading. Which vow have you make.


Cee S. said...

I think all of them! haha

Don't unplug your hub. said...

When my son was born I made a vow that I would answer every question he ever asked me, and I did too!

Garage Storage said...

A very entertaining post indeed! Great job.

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and love to read your commments

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