March 7, 2012

My Amazing Son At Four

In Malaysia, we can choose either to send or not to send our children to kindergarden. I send both my sons to kindergarden at the age of four. I want them to learn social skill as soon as possible. Obviously my mom and mother-in-law thought I was crazy again. Both quite against the idea because I enter kindergarden at the aged of six and my hubby doesn't even had the chance to go.

I promised my mom and my in-laws that I could train my son to be independent and get him ready for school by four years old. So by the time he turns three, I trained him to go to the toilet himself, got rid of using potty, learned how to clean himself, eat and drink like an adult without any spilling etc.

Obviously all the above was thought in a fun manner without any stress and he too, thought of it as a game and did grow up, I mean became more matured then any other children his age. My intention was always for him to learn how to take care of himself when mummy and daddy is not around. We can't be around him 24/7.

Then came the day. His first day of kindergarden. I took him in, sat with him for a while and said goodbye. Most of the children in his class looked tense. Missed their mommy, I think. Everyone tried very hard not to cry but not my son. Suddenly, a child cried in the next room which somehow influenced most in his classmate to start crying too.

One by one they started crying and my son, asked the teacher to shut the door to their classroom because the crying child next door is making everyone in his class cried and it is very annoying. The teacher was stunned by my son's request and told me about this at the end of school. None of us expected him to speck up like this, not on a first day.

Weeks passed and every night I would asked him how was school, did he made any friends etc and he told me there was this Indian boy in his class who was double his size kept bullying his classmates. I told him not to get into any fights or argument, if he does bully him, go straight to the teacher and report the matter.

He assured me that the bully always leaves him alone and dare not bully him. When I hear stuffs like these makes me wonder if my son was the one bullying that huge Indian boy instead.

One fine day my son came and told me that the big bully in his school will not bully again. Got me even more worried. Had he taken matters into his own tiny hands? Oh my, almost drop to the ground. I remained calm and hear the rest of his story. "Today, the big bully's dad was at school to pick him up. As he was packing his stuff, I walk up to his dad and asked him if he knew his son was bullying other kids in school?"

I then asked what was the dad's reaction, he said a bit angry and said something in Tamil to the son. That day my son was so sure that he had saved most of his classmate from being bullied again, like a super hero saving mankind from evil. Oh my, this is way beyond what I had thought him. Anyway, the big bully didn't stop bullying but my son always teaches others how to avoid being bullied. Kept playing super hero again without him realizing.

These are the wonders of having children. Never failed to surprise us every now and then. I am not sure if he could still remember all these now that he is in his teens. At least I have one more exciting tale to tell my grandchildren about their dad in the future.

Hope you enjoy this amusing tale about my son as a toddler, an amazing toddler too. Happy parenting to you and I am sure your children surprises you as much.


Jenny Woolf said...

Your son is a clever boy and learning useful lessons. This is what you planned for him, and I am sure it will be useful. He wouldn't have learned this if he had stayed at home without other children to play with.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wow! Amazing to read about your son being so wise despite his age! Bravo to you both!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

These are heartbreaking days for a Mom...but thankfully they grow out of it

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What an amazing little boy. I loved reading this post.

Aries said...

Thank you very much for visiting, more post to come

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