September 9, 2010

Charity went wrong

Those days, quite a number of sales person and folks from churches, temples etc going from door to door either selling stuffs or asking for donations. Due to the increase in robberies and scams, most people would not entertain these folks now a days.

My grandma loves to donate for charities. We are Buddhist but grandma always says when it comes to charity, she don't mind giving donation to Hindus, Christians etc. As long as her donations are for good. I remembered grandma once told me, there was this sami from a Hindu temple, dress in white dhoti, holding a tray with a miniature statue of a Hindu goddess. He came knocking on our door and grandma answered. Since it was a donation for a temple, she went straight to her room and took out a 50 cent coins and put in on the tray. Those days 50 cents are quite a lot. He look at the 50 cent coin and mumble something in a very harsh tone. Grandma then gave him another 1 Ringgit coin. He gave her an intimidating look and left. Oh my! Big or small it is still charity from her heart, can't he sees that.

Just few months ago, an old lady in her late 50s came knocking on my door. She was well dressed, looks healthy and well fed. She was holding a long umbrella with a small purse. One glance I thought she loss her way and needed directions so I ask who is she looking for. She said she had not been eating for days and need some money for food. I look at her and turn away. Before I go far, I heard her murmured something softly and then she spit (loudly) on my floor. Oh boy! She came back and did the same 2 weeks ago. Guess she forgot that she had visited this neighborhood and no one gave her anything.

Many years ago, another old lady dressed in rags begging at a bus stop near where my family was staying. I was just a toddler then. My grandma and a few neighbors felt pity for her. She obviously told a lovely pitiful story. Everyone chip in and gave her food, cooking oil, some money, old clothes and stuffs. One of the neighbors son, in his early 20s, even took a cab and help this old lady home. Not sure which house she showed him then but few months later this boy saw this old lady, dress in rags still, walk into a bungalow. She walk in like she stays there. She unlock the gate herself etc. He asked around and found out this lady actually lives there. Hmm wonder why?

Another charity story from a friend. This is a funny one. His dad heard someone knocking on his door and found a young boy asking for donation. He said the donations was to build a swimming pool for his school. My friend's dad ask him to wait at the door and he went back inside his house. Few minutes later he came out with a pail of water and gave it to the boy saying this is his contribution for the swimming pool. He is such a joker.

I don't mind charities as long as I know who I am giving it too and for what. Thanks for reading and hope all my readers have a great weekend ahead and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims readers.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hahahah... I once donated a few ringgits to this lady beggar, only to see her walking away puffing a cigarette which she obviously bought with my money...

No more donating to people from then on...

Ash said...

i donate to charities and rspca and also poor kids. some beggars are clever/rich and don't know why they have to "trick" good people like us but i'm sure karma will strike them someday. :)

~ash's mum

p.s. love the bucket of water contribution!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Wow....spit? that is crazy! We donate to a few causes but sometimes you just gotta say no!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend.

Aries said...

Guess there are people whose hobby is beg. Maybe they like the trill.

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