September 23, 2010

Wedding Ring

As I was blog hopping last week, I came across a post about Diamonds being the wedding ring. The blogger mentioned that why should a wedding ring be a diamond ring. It doesn't really show anything except that he could afford it. It makes me wonder too as to how far back that diamonds were taken as the wedding ring. It is universal, right? Most of the time when someone propose, it is mostly with a diamond ring. It is like other rings are good only as a casual gift, and not during a proposal.

When I and hubby were dating and decided to tie the knot, the first thing that came to my mind was to get a diamond ring. I got one, that is of cause, within hubby's budget. Wouldn't want to get him into debts.

Could it be that diamonds are forever, and it symbolize that the marriage would last forever like diamonds, no doubt that it might not be the case for some. Maybe diamonds were girls best friend, and wouldn't we want our best friend to be at our wedding. I have yet to come across a girl that dislike diamonds.

In a more materialistic manner, when a guy could afford a diamond ring as a wedding ring, doesn't that shows that he is capable of providing for you and your future generation to come. Like those cavemen stories I had heard, a cave women will only stay with the cavemen that is capable of hunting, natural survival skills. However, that would be the old school of thoughts. Now a days there are men who stay home as house husband and the wife be the provider. As long as they both agreed to it and are happy about it.

Well, some would say that it is just a ring, why all the fuss. Not to some. Not all of us get to get married so many times like Elizabeth Taylor, so it is important that we get a diamond ring as a wedding ring. At least we have something dear to hold on to, to remind us of that auspicious day regardless of whether the marriage last or not.

Gals, would you settle for just about any ring or that it has to be diamond? Guys, would you save up to get one for that special occasion or anything will do? What ever it is don't get yourself to be too heavy in debts just for a ring. Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice weekend ahead.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Aries!

Thanks for your comment on my latest post. Oh, cooking! Yeap.. she does that but I leave her to that cos she does cook better than me, except when it comes to baking which she is not experienced in at all, but still she does try to pick on things every now and then, like how I should throw in some other dishes while I bake my muffins since we're using up the electricity anyway. *speechless* She thinks baking with oven is similar to me using the 3 tiered steamer (something which she doesn't know how to use yet)... can just throw in other foods to cook as well... 8P

And yeah, too much sauce, I hear something. Too little sauce I hear something.. sigh.. thanks for sharing your experience and feedback!

Btw, talking about diamond and rings, oh well.... I'm now wearing the RM4 silver ring that hubby and I bought when we first started dating (which is like 10 years ago) while my diamond ring sits inside the jewelry box... sigh...

IMO, materials don't last and should not be used to prove our love or anything. I only get the simple diamond ring cos we didn't take any wedding pictures or hold any wedding functions, so I figured a simple diamond ring would kinda like be a special treat for myself :P

Ash said...

i got a gold ring and then a diamond ring so i kinda wear it one marriage finger each. just looked at it now and realised one of the tiny diamond has fallen off (somewhere!) arghhhhhh :((

~ash's mum

Cee said...

You are right! Diamonds are chosen by most people that can afford as their wedding ring because of its symbolism. As you said, it lasts forever — first thing everyone wish for when a couple marry.
I'd be so hypocrite if I'd say I don't like diamonds. But I would never want a lavish present from my husband in exchange of debts. Even though we were so young when we got married... still we shouldered all of the wedding expenses and never asked a single cent from our parents. And so we didn't get a diamond wedding ring.

I used to kid around that he should not be worried because I won't ask for one. And in case I would want one, I'd be so glad to wait for a diamond hands-me-down from my mom. After all, I only have one sister — it wouldn't be elsewhere LOL! :D

Aries said...

Thanks for sll the comments, love reading it.

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