January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Is it a bit too late to wish? Well it is still January and only the second week. Hope you had a blast on new year's eve.

2012 should be a memorable year for me. So many things happened.

1) It was suppose to be the end of the world.
2) I had my first pet dog.
3) Both my sons major exams turn out with strings of A's.
4) It was my 20th wedding anniversary and we had some family photos taken at the studio by professional photographer and we had a great time there too, posing and doing funny stuffs together.
5) My mum fully recovered from depression and start calling me weekly to chat.
6) Get to go on two separate vacations with both side of the family and lots of family time together. Does things together and had a great time.
7) Elder son learned to drive and had been driving for a year now and don't need me to send him to places anymore. He would even drive his younger brother to places and I just sit at home and relax.
8) Had another photo session at the studio with mum and sister's family. Had a great time there and the photos turn out great.

I am grateful and thankful that all the above happened. I would say overall it was a great year and hope 2013 would be even greater. Hope you had a wonderful 2012 that brings back lots of lovely memories and a very great year in 2013. Thanks for reading.


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