January 22, 2013

My Puppy Had Grown So Much

Look at my Muffin, he had grown so huge but he still prefer to sleep in his old baby kennel every night. He used to be so small then that when I put him in and lock the door, he could still pop his head up the hole above. Now he still squeeze in every night to sleep.

We bought him a huge dog cage. We would lock him in when we have visitors. When there are no one visiting, I let him roam around and leave the cage door ajar. Now a days when I give him carrots, fruits or dog treats, he would eat in the new cage, as if it was his private room to enjoy his treat.

He is not my dog alone, he is also my neighbors dog now. Neighbors children would call out to him and give him a pat on the head when ever they are outside waiting for their school bus etc. Their parents will feed him breads and all sort of treats.

I know my dog is adorable but didn't know he is so irresistible to all young and old.
Actually the whole stretch of houses near my house, I would say, almost half has a dog but neighbors love to play and feed my Muffin only. Not sure if it was Muffin's magnet of attraction or the owner, hahahah. Well at least he is famous and neighbors have no complain about us having him around.

Thanks for reading and hope you have an adorable pet like mine too.


Masshole Mommy said...

What a beautiful dog! I miss having one.....

Aries said...

It is great having a dog at home

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