May 13, 2013

Money The Culprit

After reading the book "The Host", I wonder if our world could have any chance to be like that, minus the aliens hosting. There will be no such thing as money. What ever you need, just pop in the nearest supermarket and take as much as you can carry. Getting a job means doing something you like, no need to work for money. No such thing as poverty, corruption or maybe even jealousy, no elections, stealing, frauds or lying. Everyone lives a happy life, have enough to eat, never to worry about supplies of food, fuel etc. Any injuries with just a spray of that special chemical, all wounds heal in seconds, no infection, diseases etc. Would life be happier that way?

Sometime I wonder, during the cavemen stage, do they trade foods etc with others or each individual hunt for themselves only? Like what was written in the history books, mankind starts with the barter system before money was invented. I was thinking that what if that first few mankind that started growing their own food stuff, they start sharing their food instead of trading it for stuffs that they need, money will not be invented. We might even be living like the story in "The Host". We mankind sure are stingy and greedy, if not we wouldn't have thought of exchanging our goods for other stuffs that we need which leads to the invention of currency. If only our ancestor were willing to share, for example, if a man raises goats for milk and meat, willing to share his goat meats and milk to anyone who wanted some and he could also get what ever supply he needs from another man by just asking, we all might end up living in a better world, like in "The Host".

Well we can't actually blame money alone that causes all the problems we are all facing in the world now. It also boils down to mankind. If only man stops being greedy, stingy, lying, crazy for status and wealth and fame to some, we definitely will be living in a better world, with or without money.

Thanks for reading. Just something that got me thinking for a while. Happy parents days to all parents out there.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Money seems to be at the root

Mr. Shife said...

I think you are 100 percent correct about money and greed. For some people there is never enough of it. It is too bad because if everyone that had money was a little more generous there would be a whole lot less poor and starving people in the world. Have a good weekend.

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and your comment

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