April 22, 2013

Grow At A Least Expected Place

Recently I discovered this tiny plant, as I was mopping the floor. If not mistaken, the seed that is still attached to it belongs to a lemon or an orange. This is the least fertile place with no soil and the least to get sun light too. It is below my kitchen sink next to the kitchen door. Such a tiny hole and so happen a seed fell right into it and grew into a plant. Amazing isn't it?

I was a bit upset when I found this because several weeks prior to this, I bought two packets of Sunflower seeds. Told hubby that we never had sunflower before and wish to have a row of it. I saw some of the neighbors did that and it was lovely. I had never lay eyes on sunflower before, not sure why, but now kind of love to have some of it in the garden.

When I open the packet of seeds, oh my, there's only nine seeds in it. So we planted some on the ground, in a row and some in a pot in the shade. Waited and waited only one tiny plant appear, the one in the pot. After it grew to about two inches high, hubby put the whole pot out under the sun. Due to the terrible weather these days, which is extremely hot during the day and heavy down pour on certain nights, the tiny plant wilt few days later. I must have lost my pair of green hands.

Maybe because of my impatience, I kept peeking at them everyday, and nothing seems to happen until that miserable seed turn into a tiny plant, gave me something to look forward to everyday and as if it was the only hope, and later watch it wilt. Quite bitter actually. To make matter worst, found this healthy tiny plant at a least expected place. Like rubbing salt to my wound.

Anyway hubby bought another two packets of seed again but I still haven't bring myself to plant it yet. Wanted to get those big, already healthy adult sunflower but most places only have one pot, some even none. Guess I have to wait till some festivals like Chinese New Year or Christmas before the shops etc starts selling more variety of potted plants.

Until then, guess I would just have to try planting with seeds again. Thanks for reading and happy gardening to you too.


Mr. Shife said...

Happy gardening to you too. My wife and I are notorious plant killers so we rarely try to grow anything. It is pretty amazing that plant is growing despite all of the odds. Take care.

Aries said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting

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