January 18, 2010


Every time he says he loves me, deep down inside I knew he loves his mom more. We are from different culture, race and religion but we are happy together. It is not fair that he still keep me as a secret from his mom when my mom get to meet him and don't mind, us dating.That fine day as we were holding hands, walking in the mall, we bump into his relative. The next day, he told me his mom was not happy about us and we should stop seeing each other. I regret that I didn't listen to my hunch and went in too deep leaving me in this aggravating pain now.


Do you like my six sentences (6S). My new style of writing. I came to know about it from Zesty Nachos ( http://zestynachos.blogspot.com ). I signed up as a member and submitted the above. The site is sixsentences.blogspot.com . I just want to try my hands on writing stories with just six sentences. Hope I manage to get the message across. I will try a longer 6S in the future. Thanks for reading and hope you like it.


Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. This is amazing. That is a skill that you have. The story is perfectly written and conveys what you meant very well. Great job!
Have a wonderful day...:)

Sy said...

The cool thing about this post is that the it is a complete story with a beginning and end.

Aries said...

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.Glad you like it too.

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Was it a true story of yours or was just from your imagination?
Whatever, love it! I got the message..was well written!


Zoie @ BnBbyG said...

Very well written. If this is a true story, I'm sorry for your pain.

Regardless on if it's true or not, your six sentence story was well one. *Smile*

Aries said...

Thanks you. Glad you guys / gals like it. This will motivate me to write more.

ashaletha said...

I like this story. Well done. Simple and straight to the point. Thanks for visiting my blog

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