January 10, 2010

What "ball" are you.

I got this from a show. It says that when a girl is in her twenties, she is like a football. So many people running after one ball. When she is in her thirties, she is like a basketball. Now less people running after one ball. Once she is above forty, she is like a tennis ball. You can have her. No, you can have her. The ball being pass between the two.

I was watching The Oprah Show the other day. She was introducing Steve Harvey's book called "Act like a Lady, Think like a Man." The book was about what women should know about men, how they think, how women should react etc. This should be the book for all those who are still single out there.

I used to think that there is always that someone for everyone out there. Among my relatives and friends, there are about 6 females age between 40 to 60 who is still single. No offense gals, I am just curious as to what really happen. Have they ever dated? Too choosy? Set their standard too high? Too successful therefore too intimidating for men?

Sometime I do wonder, if now, in my 40's, I am still single, would I be desperate like some of those mentioned in the show? Guess I am among those lucky few who found my soul mate so early. I got married in my mid twenties. Still happily married with two lovely teenage sons. Exactly what I wish for when I was in my teens. I am really really grateful that my fairy tale did end with "and they live happily ever after."

Just got me thinking after watching the show and felt that I would want to share my thoughts with you. Thanks for reading.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Before, I never wanted to marry, but I wanted to have kids.
I and my sister were raised by my mom alone -- it's not that I'm afraid to fail in marriage just like her -- I guess, it's because I always admire how she raised us. And I thought I could only be effective as her, if I'd stay single or a single mom forever. But of course, that perception changed when I met my husband.

I have few old relatives that are still single until now. The reason they said was it's because they failed into their respective relationships in the past.


Aries said...

My mom and dad went separate ways when I was 6, so my mom had her mom to help raised me and my sister. My mom played the role of dad and grandma played the role of mom. Both of us are much closer to grandma than mom.

Mom always tell us that her marriage didn't work out does not mean that our marriage will not work out.

I am glad that both my sister and I are still happily married for so many years.

I am glad yours work out well too.

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