January 24, 2010

Where did babies come from?

This is one question that most parents try to avoid or hope, that day never come. Unfortunately, mine came one fine night. My two sons were getting ready for bed. My youngest was only around 6 and the oldest 9 years old then. I would normally hang around their room to chat for a while before they sleep.

My youngest, for ever the more curious one, till now, pop the question. So I thought if I could throw in some scientific jargon when explaining, it would be less embarrassing. So I went and took the encyclopedia and show them how the sperms and the ovum look like. I also explain to them that when a sperm manage to penetrate into an ovum, it would start to form our body parts slowly, bit by bit.

I also manage to fascinate them with stories of how they move when then are in my womb. How I get to see them develop from a tiny seed into a handsome foetus. Hoping by now, they are satisfied with my great stories, especially if it has something to do about them. I was so wrong.

Before I could say good night, my youngest pop the most important question of them all. How did the sperm actually gets into a female body to reach the ovum? Boy, looks like my plan didn't work. As I was still thinking what to say next, my eldest said "Gosh! Do we need to go into details? This could be embarrassing."

Guess he save my day, sorry night. I immediately wish them good night and leave the room. As I leave, I could hear the youngest still asking his brother about it. He just shut him off and said, he will learn about it in school, in Science class in few years time.

Wow, that was close. Anyway they never ask again. So how did you explain to your child or plan to explain? Hope you have a better plan than mine. My 2 sons are in their teenage years now. I remember how I always have to cook up an answer when my curious sons ask dunnest question during their younger days. Just something for you to think about and thanks for reading.


lwk said...

LOL Aries mom! Funny how u tried to skirt the 'juicier' and detailed bits of the baby making process, hahaha.

But seriously, I also think of how I'm gonna 'educate' him on this subject in the future.. what more, with the internet and information bombardment from mass media nowadays, that future could be sooner than we all think. I think I'm gonna take the easy way out and delegate this duty to my wife, LOL. Cheers!

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Haha.... My eldest asked me the same question when she was about four or five....And I can't educate her yet even about the ovum and sperm thingy.
I just told her that; baby is conceived by a woman after she fell in love for a man whom she's also married. Haha Does it sound lame?
But it worked during that time.
Then I remember she asked when she was seven -- Mom, how come the girl in the news had her baby at fourteen, she's too young and doesn't even have a husband! haha
I can't remember what I've told her, but one thing is for sure I did say something.

BTW, I have another blog award for you. Please pick it up!


Aries said...

Oh thank very much

barnali said...

Hello! your explanations is quite good. My younger one, a son, has already asked me this question. I explained him in slightly different way. I told him that as a baby requires both a papa and mommy, when papa and mommy loved each other very much, a baby is born. A baby cannot live without both of them, so in this way they come into this world. I don't know what he understood, but never asked me again.

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