January 15, 2010


My sister-in-law gave us this pot of pomelo. The first time we took it home, I thought that if we keep it in a pot it might not bloom. Instead the very next week, it was full of flowers. The following week the flower starts to drop and I notice few fruits on the tree. Only one made it. The rest will drop off. Well the first fruit was half the size of a normal pomelo. After a few months later, it bloom again. This time the fruit grew, max, to the size of a tennis ball. Both fruits are very sweet but too small. It must be of good breed.

I don't have much land to plant it on the ground. Anyway it didn't bloom for a long time now. Does any one of you know how or what should I nourish it with to get a bigger fruit even in a pot? My hubby said just leave it as it is. The fruits are for decoration only, not really for eating.

Hope one day I could give it to someone close. Someone who could plant it on the ground and make it bear lovely nice big juicy fruit and I could go and admire it and eat its fruits when ever I like. Thanks for reading and hope you share my passion of gardening.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Hello Aries,
I've never had any plant with fruits. But I believe,the growth of the plant really depends on where it was planted-- sa me goes for the fruit.
I guess, your hubby was right-- that Pomelo fruit is only meant as decoration.


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