April 11, 2011

Another Award

Thanks to Baili from http://bailiandi.blogspot.com/ for passing this to me. Glad you enjoy reading my posts. This will indeed inspire me to carry on blogging. Now the seven things about me are :

1) I enjoy blogging, it helped in releasing stress.
2) Did dream of writing and publishing a book, but having a blog is less hassle.
3) I am housewife by day and tuition teacher by night.
4) Love maths, love solving Sudoku, Kakuro and any of such games.
5) Do play facebook games like farmville and frontierville.
6) Love animals but not those creepy crawler or mouse.
7) My favourite t.v show is The Oprah Show.

Now I would like to pass on this Award to

Once again, thanks for the award and hope you will continue to follow my blog. Smile always.


Owen's Mom said...

Thank you for the blogging award! That was very sweet.

Have a great week.

baili said...

congrats dear very well deserved ,always pleasure to read you,

this show is my favorite too,
my son is genius in math but i was quite afraid of it in school days,

best of luck dear god bless

Stephaine said...

wow thanks a lot for the honor.. this will be my first award in blogging... I am so inspired to blog more...

thanks a lot...

Cee said...

Congrats Aries! It's always nice to know little things about you.

Rahil said...

thank you aries :)
keep connected !!

Aries said...

Thanks for all the comments.

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