April 29, 2011

Macaroni Pizza

Now a days it is easy to get pizza pastry from "baking ingredients" shops. There is one quite near my house. So we decided to do a special macaroni pizza. I just stir fry some macaroni with minced meat. Then put some on the pizza pastry together with some tomatoes, crab stick, mushrooms, parsley and cheese. Taste kinda nice too.

My boys love adding the topping themselves, actually it was their idea to add the macaroni. Wonder what else we could add. Too lazy to make the pastry on my own when I know I could get ready made ones.

Thanks for viewing and hope you like it too.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wah DIY pizza with creative ingredients! Good job!

Cee said...

Wow! I almost missed this one. I usually make pizza from scratch — even the crust. I will definitely try this one. Thanks really for sharing. My husband is a pizza maniac. :)

Nina said...

thx for the comment on our blog!

This pizza looks very good, even though I like making pizza from scratch. Maybe I´ll try this one :)

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