July 28, 2012

He Cares, Actually

When both my sons, which were three years apart, were younger, they used to fight and argue to just about anything under the sun. I was so worried that they might end up like some of my class-mates, who rarely talk to their siblings. I find it strange to know that I have friends who hardly knew their brothers and sisters. I and my sister, could not stop talking when ever we are around each other.

So when ever my sons fight, I told them I will not side anyone and both will be grounded. However, when ever I see them paying together, happily, I would praised them and encourage them to do it more often. Easier said than done, they fight more then playing happily together.

When my younger son entered kindergarden, my eldest son was already in primary school. That few years they were both busy with their own stuff and in separate school. When my younger son was ready for standard one, my elder son was already a junior prefect in school.

The first day of school, I asked my elder son to take good care of his younger brother at school and to show him around. That day after work I asked both of them how was school. To my surprise, my elder son said he introduced his brother to all his friends and the senior prefects in school. He even asked all his friends to take good care of his little brother.

Oh! That was touching! Didn't expect him to do that much. Looks like he really do care about his kid brother. Both my sons are in their teens now. They do chat and exchange views with each other but don't argue as much. They even share shirts and pants as they are now about the same body size. Hah! Reminds me of those days with my sister. We used to share clothes too until we both got married and stayed separate place.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful relationship with your siblings too, as family is extremely important!


Eddie Zacapa said...

Thanks for posting. I have two boys who are still young and have their moments. It is encouraging to hear that your boys are getting along.

Deborah Howell said...

I have two daughters that are nine years apart. I often worried that they get along because my oldest daughter always said she wanted a younger sister or brother until my younger daughter was born. Well one evening I was in the kitchen and my younger daughter was playing on the floor beneath the cabinets, one of the cabinets started falling away from the wall right above my youngest daughter's head. My oldest daughter ran over and held the cabinet up until I could get over there. My youngest daughter never stopped playing. I never worried again.

Aries said...

HI there, thanks for sharing your tale.

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