July 24, 2012

Vegetarian Dish

I had started to stay away from meat on certain days. I have been trying out all sorts of vegetarian dishes. The mock vegetarian meat look and taste so real. I just bought a packet and fried it with vegetables and mushrooms with a bit of oyster sauce (vegetarian oyster sauce, of cause) and it taste yummy.

Used to think that vegetarian dishes are limited but after a few tutorial from youtube and cook shows on t.v. I manage to learn a few dishes.

I am already in my mid forties and it is best to eat less meat and more vegetables and fruits for health and religion sake. Actually, I have lots of photos on food that I cook but don't have the time to post it or procrastinating / hibernating / what ever you called it heheheheh.

Will explore more on food and post more in the future. Still love blogging. I still have stuffs that pops up in my head and wanted to blog about it but sometime sons need to used the computer for school projects etc and my inspiration of writing just vanish when the p.c is available. Is that sign of aging? Hmmm most likely.

I have got to blog more to keep the brain cell moving. Guess I have to set a time-table for me. Till next time, as usual I have to go now to fetch my son from school, happy blogging to all. (And they said housewife has the most time in hand or maybe I had been doing all sorts of unnecessary stuffs) Time for me to make a change.


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