December 20, 2009

Drunk Dad Are Dangerous

This is a true funny story that happened few years back. My eldest son was only 10 years old then. My neighbor who lives two doors away, invited us to a Chinese New Year party at her place. Besides food, liquor was also served. My husband's face and neck turns red every time he takes liquor, even just a little sip. That night he drank more then a glass full. Even his eyes turn really red even though he is not drunk.

We went home at about ten at night. My husband said he felt sleepy and went straight to bed. I and my 2 boys stayed up to watch t.v. About 10 minutes later, my eldest son came and sat beside me. He spoke in a soft and concern tone. He said, "Mom. I think you should sleep in the hall tonight." I was surprised and ask him why. His replied, "Dad looks drunk. It should be dangerous to sleep in the same bed. I don't want to end up having another brother or sister."

It always tickle me to think back at that conversation that night. This must be a case of watching too many Chinese drama on t.v. Every time you see a drunk guy in the show, a female is bound to get pregnant.

Well actually on that day, at that moment, I didn't burst into laughter. I was stunned for a while and not sure what to say to him. Wow this is a tough one. How should I react. I can't remember exactly what I told him but I did slept in my room and nothing happened.

Guess he should know by now not all drunk guys are dangerous. Ha ha ha. This is the wonders of having kids. Once in a while they will drop a bomb and surprise you with stuffs that you would never dream they would say or do.

See, I told you parenting is cool and fun (to some of my friends who are so afraid to get married and have kids) Happy parenting and thanks for reading


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Oh LOL! That's funny at the same tim cute story haha..
I should know, I now have a nine year old daughter who keeps on asking too many things that I usually don't know what to answer.
I even planned to write all her questions in one book. haha


Aries said...

Perhaps we could learn from each other

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