December 24, 2009

Cute Little Frog

Now how often can someone like me staying in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, staying very far from any jungle etc get a chance to meet up with a fellow like this. Isn't it lovely. So shinny and it is very tiny. I could hardly see it at first. I was watering my plant when it's skin sort of shine and it caught my eye. It was between the grass and only the size of an egg. It moves very slowly. Perhaps because I was around. I stand there watching it for a while. Then I told myself, I have to catch it (on film).

Maybe this is the law of attraction (from "The Secret") I love nature and always get visitors like these in my garden once in a while. Actually the animal I admire the most is the tiger. I did get a chance to have my whole family's photo taken with a white tiger. A real life breathing white tiger and I get to pat it too. Really dream came true. It was after a magic show perform with animals and at the end of the show audiences are allowed to take photos with the animals there and I choose the tiger. Wish one day I could feed and carry a cub tiger, that would be great.

Happy new year to all my readers and followers and thanks for reading.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Cute! I always have it everywhere in my garden and in my pond together with the fishes.

Belated Merry Christmas to you! I hope you had wonderful one with the family.


Aries said...

Thank you. We had roast duck instead of turkey. The whole big family (plus in-laws) will be having turkey on New Years Day. Happy New Year to you.

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