December 27, 2009

Wrong Number

One day, I found Sam, my four-year old son, with the telephone which he quickly hung up when he saw me.

"What were you doing with the phone?" I asked him.

"Calling Auntie Sarah," he said.

"How could you have called Auntie Sarah?" I asked. "You don't even know her number."

"Yes I do, and I did call her," little Sam replied.

I wasted a lot of breath trying to convince him that he didn't know her number, but he insisted that he had made the call.

"Okay," I said finally. "What did she say then, if you called her?"

"She told me I had the wrong number!" Sam answered.

Just for laughs! Have a great week ahead. Thanks for reading.


philly5113 said...

This is very cute. It reminded me of the time my then 4 yo daughter made a phone call while I was taking a bath. She brought me the phone because the person on the other end insisted to speak to mommy. It turned out she called the bank. I am glad she brought me the phone instead of hanging up as the woman said she was going to call the police because she thought the child was left alone at home.
Cant leave these buggers alone for a minute. Gotta luv 'em!

"BUTTERY"fly said...

LOL! Very funny!

BTW, I am sharing an award with you, would love you to come and pick it up.

Happy New Year!


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