December 29, 2009

More Awards

I would like to thank


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Hello Aries, hmmm...I guess, you don't need to ask the 3rd person whether to write or not... evidently people on the left are now 45 so it only means yes...Keep on penning away!

Happy New Year Aries! You are very deserving for these awards.. And I hope you would pursue your dreams to have a book that'll be publish one day..Good luck!


sweetromance2 said...

Don't worry about the third, just keep blogging like you are. Your English is much better than my Malasian. You're very entertaining.

Sandra said...

No need to ask a third you are doing great. You should show the first two how many people DO read what YOU write!! Keep on going, I started last year and I realized that it is like a muscle, the more you write the stronger you become!

philly5113 said...

I like your blog. You are doing a very nice job. Look at the awards! I actually had a similiar thought and idea in mind when I started my blog and pretty much keep going because I enjoy it.
You will make it!

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