June 27, 2011

A birdie with only an eye

Look what we found one afternoon. A tiny baby bird standing there in the garden and refuse to fly away when shoo. We then placed it in an open box and leave it in the middle of the garden, hoping that it's mummy and daddy would come to it's rescue. Still no sign of mum and dad after one hour. It could fly but not much.

So we decided to place it in the house. Hubby went and got a cage and some bird food for it. As it was standing there, I realize it only had one good eye. Poor thing. Is that the reason why it was being abandoned?

I still have my feeding bottle for pets (for my rabbits). So we mix some bird food in water and feed it with the bottle. It manage to drink a few drops then it stop. It would just stand there chirping. After awhile, it got tired and sleeps for quite a while.

At about ten at night, we place it in a cage. we only manage to feed it a few times and each time only a few drops of diluted bird food. It would just stand there and sleep. Must be real sick by then. By mid-night it drop to the bottom of the cage but still breathing. After awhile my youngest son picks it up to have a closer look and it died in his hands.

What an adventure. During hubby's younger days, he had once found a baby bird on a nest that had just drop from a tree. The nest drop because he catapult the fruits on the tree and didn't realize there was a nest with bird inside. He took it home, feeds it regularly until it grew strong enough to fly. It would fly in and out of their house when ever it likes. It would even respond to hubby's whistle.

Guess this episode with one eye bird didn't last very long. At least I still have it's photos and video for remembrance and another tale to tell my grand kids in the future and a tale for my blog too. Thanks for reading about my adventure, would love to hear about yours too, if you don't mind.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh so sad to hear about what happened to the poor birdy :(

Aries said...

Not sure what happen, maybe born with one eye

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