July 1, 2011

Do What the Big Boys Do (funny)

An old man, walking down the street saw a small boy sitting on the curb crying. He stopped and asked, "Little boy, why are you crying?" The little boy said, "I'm crying because I can't do what the big boys do." So the old man sat down alongside of him and cried too.

My Back Neighbor

One hot afternoon, my back neighbor was painting his gate wearing two jackets. I asked him why he was wearing two jackets on such a hot day. He said that the directions on the can read: For best results, put on two coats......!

Gas Cylinder

Note on top of gas cylinder: WARNING ON THE BOTTOM
So obviously, everyone will turn it upside down to read the warning which says: WARNING! DO NOT TURN UPSIDE DOWN!

Just for laughs! Have a great funny day to you.


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