July 11, 2011

Wife For Sale?!?!?

I was having dinner with my sister and her family at a restaurant near my house. We were sitting there waiting for our food to arrived when suddenly my nephew said "oh can get a wife for RM600, not cheap!" and he pointed to this board. This is hilarious.

Actually below the poster there was a rack filled with a few types of biscuits all nicely wrap. Those words up there were actually direct translation from Chinese, the name of the biscuits. Yes, there is such a thing as wife biscuits. In Cantonese we called it "lo por pang" which means wife biscuit. Not that the husband should not eat it, it was just that traditionally, when you marry off your daughters, the groom side of the family would have to give a certain number of wife biscuits to the brides family about one to two weeks before the wedding. The bride's family will then send the biscuits together with the wedding invitation card to friends and relatives, and yes, most of the time, by hand.

Guess the shop owner just want to save space and paper, he just wrote wife, and it is only RM6.00 and not RM600. He even saved on ink for decimal. My youngest son went up to the board and took this photo with his hand phone and the shop owner and his workers kept looking at him, puzzled, still not knowing that in English it means you could actually buy a wife from his shop. Guess his English is not too good.

Just thought of sharing this with you. Thanks for reading. Wonder if any foreigner had ever ask to see the "wife" catalog instead of the food menu. Hahahah!


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh my, that wife thing really cracks me up! :P Thanks for the laughs!

Gautam said...

I also see that for couple of potatoes you can almost get a 'wife'..hehe!! ;D

Aries said...

hahaha thanks for the comments

baili said...

that is so funny,people like owner dont think that their little saving can create a situation,
thanks for laughter,
god bless

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