July 6, 2011

That Should Be Me

That should be me on that plane, that should be me in those photos, that should be me holding that medal, that should be me driving that luxury car, that should be me, who got promoted, that should be me, that should be me, that should be me....

Voices in the head of those who often torture themselves with jealousy, could not stand looking or hearing about the victory of others. Can't stand when others are better off than them. Shouldn't they be happy for that person instead. What they didn't realize is that it shows on their face, their body language and the tone of their voice. Unless of course they had been to acting school and is damn good at hiding their jealousy.

Recently, a D.J mentioned over the radio that at one time, when he was at a friend's house, a car pulled over and park in front of the house. The host walked to the window and peek, came back and said in an agitated way, "Who does my brother-in-law thinks he is, driving such an expensive luxury car?"

Once, a teenage girl was showing off a medal that she received from school due to her straight A's, to all her cousins, uncles and aunts. One of her uncle look away and didn't say another word after that. Maybe his kids weren't that good in their studies.

Then there was a time when a lady was showing her vacation photos oversea, to the rest of her families, one of her sister-in-law suddenly turned a sour face in just seconds and sat there whole night sulking.

You don't have to be an expert in face or body language reading to know that those mentioned above are suffering in side with "that should be me...." Hope they realize soon that others can read their mind and had just turn a good relationship into a bad one.

Hope folks like these should make a change and learn to be happy for others and no doubt do envy others but positively and use it as a motivational force for them to strive harder to achieve their dream. If she / he can do it/ have it, so can I.

Thanks for reading and start feeling happy / glad for others, sincerely, because your face and body language never lies, even a child could sense it.


ZA said...

I think is very normal to get jealous or envy at other people's achievement. It doesn't take too much effort. But instead of stopping ourselves from feeling jealous (I don't think we can totally), maybe what we could do is to learn how to manage or handle this feeling the right way.


Gautam said...

With personal experience of interacting with people, I can safely say it is a very common phenomenon across the globe!! :) While there is no way that people can become selfless overnight but I completely agree with you..at times you need to show restraint and find happiness in the joy of others too.

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and your comments

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