July 3, 2011

My Berries

Look at my berries, these are blackberries right? My father-in-law gave it to us. He got it from his sister. Can't wait for it to turn black / darker red. It is much sweeter when it is dark in colour. Could only harvest about half a bowl each time so not enough to make jam.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy gardening to you.


Cee said...

I want to have one in my garden too. I will try to get one when I visit a plant store.

Crissy said...

Hi, these are not blackberries. I think they may be mulberries? Blackberries grown on very thorny bushes. They look tasty whatever they are!

baili said...

lovely pics dear ,reminded me my village and the days when i used to walk around them along the friends
god bless have a wonderful day,

Aries said...

They are tasty and very easy to grow, thanks for visiting

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