July 17, 2011

Simple Lunch

This is simple, yummy and good for your tummy. Oh yes, now only I realize I don't have greens on the plate. Experts said we should have at least five different colours on your plate every day.

To make sure the omelette comes out fluffy and smooth, I add a bit of corn starch that had been diluted in a bit of water then add into your eggs. Add salt and pepper to the eggs and beat it. Fry the prawns / meat / vegetable first, then place all the cooked ingredients into the bowl of raw eggs and mix well before pouring all into the hot pan.

The surface area of the egg that touches the pan gets cook first so scraped that layer of eggs up and make sure those those raw eggs from the top goes to the bottom. Keep doing this until all is cook. Learned this from t.v from a Chinese Chef. Seen some used milk instant and keep whisking the eggs while they are on the hot pan.

What ever way, as long as it turns out yummy, is always good for me. Thanks for reading and happy cooking. Kinda busy lately to visit all of you. Will visit you gals / guys more often when I have the time.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hmm... nice looking lunch!

Cee said...

Really looks yummy! I love mixing eggs and tomatoes.

Gautam said...

I usually add milk in my omelette for the same fluffy effect! As for the missing green, you failed to notice the color of your plate!! ;)

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