June 10, 2011

My Koi Fishes

Remember my earlier post (very much earlier) about our D.I.Y fish pond? This is the pond. We used to rear swordtail fishes in it. It was easy to care for and the water don't get milky so fast. It breeds very easily in this cement made pond. Most who visit us at home always took a peek in the pond to see what is in it and I always get remarks like, "can't really see those fishes, they are too small for the pond."

One fine day as I was watching t.v, a documentary about pets, they were showing all sorts of Koi fishes and I fell in love with it immediately. So we went to the nearest pet shop and got us a few Koi fishes. That was almost a year ago. We started with four fishes than added a few more but some of it could not last long. They are quite sensitive and the water needs to be cleaned / changed frequently.

I had been trying to take photos of those Koi fishes since we took them home. Most of the photos turned out blur or with the reflection of the water, could not really see them well. Then last month, one fine morning as I was watering my plants, I saw those fishes all at the surface at the same corner, all at the same time. I quickly took a few shots. Then I realize the pump went out and they were gasping for air.

So I threw away about half of the ponds water and added new water hoping those water could provide them with enough air till hubby comes home from work to fix the pump. It would only be a few hours or so. I did add anti chlorine to the water and feed them too. I didn't really pay attention to them after that until about evening when I need to go out, I noticed all the fishes were dead.

Poor thing. These photos are all I have of them. The only photos that were clear enough that shows their lovely colors. Any advice anyone, on how I could take better care of Koi fishes in the future? They do bring a smile to me every morning when I feed them but unlike my rabbit, I had never try giving those fishes a pat. Saw on t.v a pet owner actually pat his Koi fishes everyday. Too slimy for me to pat.

Thanks for reading. Maybe I should stick to rabbits, dogs and cats as I could pat them, play with them and give them a good massage from time to time. Wish all pet's owner out there, good luck with your pets.


Cee said...

If a pond is placed where it can be hit by sunlight, it easily produces algae or moss, therefore, turns really slimy... Mine is located in an open area and I replace water every other day.

I only buy little Koi fishes, my pond is kinda shallow so they are easy target for cats. I suggest you to put water plants in your pond, so they get oxygen even without the pump.

I want those big ones too...we should build a bigger pond.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Cute kois! Whenever I see visited someone and I see they have pond in their house, I always take a peek to see what's inside heheh..

Glo-w~* said...

I must confess, I'm a peeker too ^^ I sue to stick my hand in when i was younger but now i understand how to appreciate from a distance ^^ best of luck with the nxt batch <3

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