June 14, 2011

Never Try Never Know

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

I am very sure that the Wright brothers aren't the first people who dream of flying but they are the first who dare to try and succeed after so many failures. Benjamin Franklin might not be the first to know about electricity but he was the brave guy who try to find out more and successfully invented electricity.

One of my Chinese friend only eats Chinese food and nothing else. Asked her why, she said not sure but not willing to try. Before even trying other types of cooking she had already presumed it would not taste as good as Chinese food.

One of my niece who is oversea studying now, is in her senior years and most of her seniors are tutoring juniors for some extra pocket money but she, on the other hand wanted to but dare not try tutoring.

Once I heard a lady telling her friend about how good this particular new product was, how much it saves money and time and the friend said she totally agreed but not willing to change the way she does things. She prefers the old way, the way that grandma and mum does even though it cost more and more time consuming.

As for most Aries, we are bold folks, head first, at least if we ever crashed we could tell others our experience rather than sit there and imagine the outcome. Why should we limit ourselves. At least if I tried and failed, I am satisfied, rather than few years later, sitting at the coffee shop telling another soul, if only I ........

If I fail, I become more experienced in that field and will have more tales to share, but there are still some percentage that I would succeed. Like my mum used to say, if she buys the lottery, she stands a fifty percent chance of winning but if she don't buy, one hundred percent she will not win a lottery.

Thanks for reading and hope you will not limit yourself. If it is not too risky or dangerous to try something new, why not? Why limit our self? The most we could live is up to a 100 years old and don't you think is a waste that we were given so much time to try out so many things and we didn't and start regretting on our dying bed. Start your bucket list now and not like the movie "Bucket List" to try new stuffs only when the doctor said your time is up.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yeah never try never know. At least if you fails, it's better than you failed at not even trying! We only have 1 life to try out things, should not think too much what ifs, just trust God and do it!

Aries said...

Very true indeed. Thanks for the comment

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