November 19, 2012

Ticklish Me

When I was on vacation last week, my sister suggested that we try out the spa at the hotel. I just can't. Most people would find spa relaxing and can't wait to have one, but not me. Whenever a stranger touches any part of my body, I find that ticklish.

When I was pregnant those days, and have to go for my monthly check-up, I find that ticklish too. The doctor would put some sort of cold gel on my tummy and move that small plastic, iron like, gadget on my tummy with those gel to check the condition of the baby. When he moved it too far to my sides, it was ticklish and I had to fake a cough or bite my tongue to stop myself from giggling.

On my annual pap-smear test, the doctor would check my breast and armpit, that is very very ticklish. I would fake a few coughs and moved about. I can tolerate pain but not being tickle.

Only hubby can touch me but I remembered when in my later stages of pregnancy, I couldn't reach my toes to cut my toe nails, my mum and hubby volunteered but when they were cutting I find that ticklish too. They can't cut all ten toes at one go, have to let me stop giggling for a while before they continue.

Maybe I have more male hormones in me than female hormones. I don't enjoy stuffs that most female does except for shopping. I don't wear high heels or make-up, I don't enjoy spa, massages, foot reflexology etc and even find facial massage etc a waste of my time. Actually I do find spending time at the saloon a waste of time too but I love to have my hair perm once in a while. I go to a hair saloon about five times a year, when my mum goes to the saloon on a weekly basis when she was young.

The only time I had a full make-up on my face was on my wedding day and I remembered I had a hard time eating my dinner that night as I can't eat properly with lipstick on my lips. I don't want to eat those lipstick, yucks. Had to wear high heels too, that night, so I told hubby to make sure he is always by my side when I stand up to walk or I definitely will fall as I do not know how to walk on heels.

Don't worry, I still look very feminine and lady like despite the above, hahahahha. Yeah I know, self praise is a disgrace. Well, all my friends and relatives are used to looking at me, the real plain me and had no complain so far.

Thanks for reading this ticklish tale of mine. What tickles you?


Don't unplug your hub. said...

You just made me laugh today. I am ticklish too.

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