December 11, 2012

Almost Got Robbed

Hubby almost got robbed yesterday morning. He walks to the train station every morning to take the train to work. It is about 20 to 30 minutes from my house if you walk, depending how fast you walk. He had been doing this for quite a number of years. Sometime when it rains I will drive him there. I had always asked him to take the car but he said he prefer to walk and that he needed the exercise.

Yesterday he need to get to the office early so he went out at six a.m to catch the earliest train. The road was quite quiet and not many cars. He need to walk pass a stretch of road that has only tress and no houses, just a short distance. After that it would be houses and shops and a police station at the end of the road.

Four guys in two motor bikes stopped at where he was. As at when two of the guys got off the bike, hubby knew something was not right. Before anyone said anything, he ran across the road to the opposite road and started running. As he was running, he could hear the bike following from behind. He continued to run and shouted "help! help!" and he could hear one of the guys said "we can still do it" in Bahasa Malaysia.

He ran straight to the police station and those guys left. He made a report and the policeman promise that they will go round the neighborhood in a while. A friend of ours was having his breakfast at the shop next to the police station and he offer to send hubby to the station.

What an experience. He called me when he reached the station and told me to watch out in case those guys know where our house is. Looks like it is not that safe after all even though they did build a police station near my house. Can't blame those policemen, they can't be every where at all times. We ourselves have got to learn to protect ourselves.

I am just grateful that hubby didn't get hurt. We wouldn't know if they were armed. Crime rate had increase around town. I am grateful too that I have Muffin, my dog, around. Makes me feel safer. At least he is more alert than me and would bark when strangers are around.

Thanks for reading and hope crime rate in your town is not as bad as mine. Hope this is the first and the last.


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh my gosh - how scary. I am happy to hear that he was able to outrun the guys and that he's safe.

Dav DiDi said...

My neighbour got rob right in front of her house. Two men in motorcycle came and pretend to ask for direction. She go near to the gate .. Then the guy snatch her gold necklace and speed off

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting

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