November 11, 2013

Cat's Playground

These stray cats had just turn my backyard into their playground. The mummy cat look exactly like my previous stray cat named "Rusty" except smaller in size. The mummy cat was pregnant twice before this but I never get to see the kittens. Now this batch of kittens was her 3rd pregnancy and she gave birth in my neighbor's backyard between those empty pots. Since I am the one who always feed her, now the whole family comes for food. The cat with black spot could be the dad as some of the kitten had a bit of black patch.

I, too, like my neighbors, have a lot of pots and stuffs in the backyard and these kittens treat it like their playground. Lovely to watch them play while I wash dishes or cook in the kitchen. Those kittens had got so strong now, could leap over the drain etc and could run in great speed. I don't mind feeding them. Lovely watching them grow in my backyard.

Now a days when I go shopping, I look for dogs treats and cat food besides my list of things to buy. Gone were the days when I shop for baby stuffs. My sons shop for their own clothes etc. Don't need me to do that for them any more.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week ahead.


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