March 24, 2010


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My youngest son loves sushi, especially the one with the raw salmon. During the last school holiday, we decided to try and make our own sushi. Most supermarket now a days do sell the sushi starting kit for people like us. It comes with the vinegar, the soy sauce, a tube of wasabi, the wooden mat to roll the sushi and the sheets of sea weed. So simple and the instruction given were so easy to follow.

I didn't use the Japanese rice, I used the normal white rice I have at home. Once the rice is cooked and is still hot, add the vinegar. If not mistaken, the recipe says to add 1 part of vinegar to every 5 parts of rice. Mix well when it is still hot.

I didn't use raw salmon, instead I used steam carrot, raw cucumber, some mix minced meat that I cooked with soy sauce (kind of Chinese style) and some dried chicken floss. Actually you can add anything that is edible.

The difficult part was rolling it into a swiss roll and cut it into cubes like the above. It is quite a sticky business. I have to wet my hands and the knife all the time to prevent it from sticking. My son helped too. He loves doing such things. The one that look like a heart shape was hand made by him, by accident I guess. We could not get another heart shape after that.

Well, most important we, mother and sons, had fun preparing and eating it. Hmmm yummy. Perhaps you should try this with your kids too, sometime. Have fun and thanks for reading.


Mr. Stupid said...

It looks perfect. I had once helped a friend of mine. We didn't use Japanese rice either. And the first time we tried it, we didn't use any rice.... LOL

Have a wonderful day!:)

Cop Mama said...

Not a big sushi fan, but I think that's awesome you let your son help. That's all that matter, right!

Organic Gardening Tips said...

I honstly cannot even begin to tell you how I love salmon sushi. At first it really did freak me out, but I soon learned to love it. Preparing them is just as fun as eating too.

"BUTTERY"fly said...

I eat sushi just not anything with raw meat. My husband is a big fan though. I have successfully made sushi twice. I used crab sticks instead of raw salmon. And yeah it's a sticky job, but super fun to make.


Aries said...

My youngest loves those raw salmon. Saw a sushi recipe on t.v recently, the Chinese lady used the seaweed to wrap only raw plus steam vegetable like baby corn, asparagus, alfalfa etc. Maybe I might try that some day.

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