March 10, 2010

Uninvited Guest

Click on the photo to have a clearer view.

Look what I found on the first day of Chinese New Year. A mother cat with 5 kittens, new born. At a small corner on the porch. Their eyes were still closed. Look at that, so cute. The mother cat stayed there and feed its young the whole day, that day. So pitiful. Wanted to feed it, but whenever we get near, it will hissed, like telling us to back off. My hubby, my 2 sons and I would take turn to go peep every now and then. We notice that, on the second night, the mother cat disappeared until the next day in the late afternoon.

We thought it would not come back anymore. Wanted to feed those kitten on our own. I still have the small bottle, for feeding small animals. Bought it when my rabbits start to reproduce. My hubby suggested that if the mother cat still doesn't come back by the third day, maybe we should send all the kittens to the nearest SPCA.

Luckily it came back just in time. From that day onwards, the mother cat would leave at night to look for food and come back the next morning. Well, they only stayed for nine days. On the eight day I saw some of the kitten open their eyes and start to move slightly further from where they were. Every time we move the car, one of us would have to check if they are all there on that spot. Wouldn't want to turn any of it into pancakes.

Maybe the mother cat is not comfortable with four of us keeping an eye on them. No privacy at all. The whole family pack their belongings and left our porch on the eighth night and left behind cute memories. They never came back since. Occasionally I could see the mother cat roaming around the back of my house. Hmmm, wonder where are those kittens now.

Look at them!So peaceful. So adorable. Enjoy the video clips and thanks for reading. Hope to share more such stuffs with you in the future.


Cop Mama said...

Oh, so adorable! Wow, that's so cool she chose your porch to have her babies!

baili said...

so cute ,thanks for sharing such nice story dear,i like kitten but have some bad memories with cat take care

Aries said...

Maybe they could sense that I am an animal lover.

christina said...

aww cute. found you on blog catalog, love your blog :)

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Very cute kittens. It happened to us many times that a stray cat gave birth somewhere in my garden or at our laundry area. But they didn't leave on the eighth or even on the ninth day. LOL! They stayed so long that we have to do the packing ourselves.

But today we have a permanent resident. A Siamese kitten which my daughters and nieces truly love.


Mr. Stupid said...

They look adorable. Kittens and Puppies look so very cute. The Mommy Cat was hissing to tell you guys to leave. She might have attacked if you had stayed a bit longer. A protective defense. Nice post.

Have a great day!:)

Anonymous said...

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