May 4, 2010

Two Size Up

This is something my mum witnessed many years ago. This is a hilarious accident that my mum told me and I could not forget till today.

My mum can't drive. She did sat for the test though but afraid to. So in the end she uses the public transport everyday to work. That fine day, as usual, she boarded a bus. Before she could balance herself on the bus, the driver put on a high gear and speed off.

Those days buses in town earns on commission. The more rounds they make the more money they earn. So they were always speeding like mad. Nothing that the authorities could do. Well, this has nothing to do with the story.

My mum, with her handbag and heels, tried to grab hold of the bar near the front sit, to avoid falling. Instead of getting hold of the bar, she unintentionally punch the young girl sitting in the front sit. Guess where she was punched? Mum immediately apologized to her. The young girl didn't look at mum. Her face was red. Mum thought she must have hurt her bad. Then she realize she had punched her on her right breast and the sharp tip of her bra bended inwards.

The girl was wearing a tight blouse and the shape of the bra was very very visible to everyone. Some starts giggling. She tried and tried but fail to make the tip of the bra bend outwards. Mum felt terrible having to cause such a dilemma to such a young lovely girl. At the end of the day when mum told us of what had happen, all of us could not stop laughing.

Maybe those days they don't have padded bra or water bra or wonder bra, what ever you called it now a days. So in order to make their assets look bigger, guess the best way to do is wear a "two size up" bra. Guess she learned the hard way, sorry, embarrassing way that when a person wear a bra which is two size up, it appears hollow in between.

Wonder what type of bra is she wearing now? Hope you like another of my true but funny tale. Thanks for reading and have a hilarious day ahead.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh wow! Hilarious but feel bad for the girl! Must be traumatic for her! :P

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