February 27, 2010

Taking Sides

I find most Chinese parents treat their children differently. When ever their children fight, the older children were asked to give in to their younger siblings. Wouldn't this indirectly turn the youngest into a spoil brat? Can you imagine how frustrated the the older children would be, always have to give in to their younger brothers and sisters. As a family don't you think we should teach all our children to respect each other as an individual.

No wonder I have so many Chinese friends who were not close to their brothers and sisters in their adult life. Guess the hatred grew with them. I don't think this is healthy. What is the point of parents having so many children and indirectly influence them to hate each other until the day they die. The Prime Minister is trying very hard to have all his citizens to live together in harmony and yet we could not even do that at home.

When I had my second son, I promised myself, I am not one of those parents. I make sure I am fare to both and always remind myself, never to take sides when they fight or argue. Since they were toddlers, I make known to them that when ever they fight, what ever they were fighting for, it will be confiscated and both will be grounded.

After a few times being punished this way, they got the message loud and clear. They will try to compromise before they start yelling at each other. As they grow, they learned to chat more with each other. They also learned that sharing means caring and it is always more fun to play with one another then to play alone. I always praise them whenever I see them playing together, laughing and having a good time.

Most parents could not foresee that their children behavior will carry on to their adult life. Think about how their children will behave in school, college his / her work life , their future. How their attitude will affect their lives in the future. When ever I come across a toddler yelling at the mall, or watch how a teenager rudely snap back at their grandparents etc I always look at their parents. I wonder what nonsense had they been feeding their children with.

Well parents out there, if you are still wondering why your children are so stubborn or rude or timid, partly it could be you. You might have indirectly contributed to his / her behavior. So it is time to go to the mirror and have a good look at yourself. Have you created a monster or a loving son or an adorable daughter. As for me, I know I have created a fun and loving family. Thanks for reading.

February 23, 2010

Simple Salmon Fish Head

Click on the picture for clearer view.

This is a very simple to cook dish and is delicious too. I normally don't like the salmon's (too strong) fishy smell. However after cooking it this way, the fish doesn't have any fishy smell at all. Now I can enjoy salmon. Got this recipe from t.v.


Salmon fish head (cut into 4 or 6)
some garlic (whole)
shallots (whole)
ginger (sliced)
chillies (dry or any type of chilli - optional)
coconut milk
Japanese vinegar
lemon juice
salt, pepper and sugar to taste

The number of shallots, garlic and ginger is up to you and also depends on how much fish head you are going to use. Put everything mentioned above in a pot. Add a few table spoon of vinegar. Squeeze some lemon juice (I used 1 whole lemon). Cover everything with coconut milk. Don't need too much coconut milk. Just enough to cover all the ingredients in the pot. Add salt, pepper and sugar. Bring it to a boil. Stir once in a while. Don't have to boil for too long. As long as the fish is cook, you can serve it.

It is nice to eat with rice or noodles or maybe pasta too. You can also just eat it like that. Once it is cook, you can see all the fish oil floating on the surface. We don't need to add oil when we cook. Salmons are pack with good oils. Despite the vinegar and lemon juice, this dish doesn't taste sour at all. Maybe next time I should try cooking it with milk instead of coconut milk. Wonder how it would taste, then.

Have fun cooking and thanks for reading.

February 19, 2010

Wedding Night

Once you have found your Mr or Miss Right, better tell him or her the whole truth about yourself. Don't lie. Actually, you should start telling the truth even on the very first date. Let the other person like you for who you are and not who you pretend to be.

This reminds me of a story I heard from my mom's friend many years ago. There was these couple who had been dating for years. At last they decided to get married. On the wedding night, the wife said she needs to take a bath, freshen up, before bed. After she was done, the husband said, he too, better freshen up first.

The minute he steps in the bathroom, he notice a glass by the sink. Later after his bath, he thought it would be better to brush his teeth too. Then he realized there was a set of denture in the glass. He freaks out and left the house.

The first time I heard it, it sounds hilarious. Maybe it was the way the lady told the story. She was laughing all the way till she had tears in her eyes. Come to think of it, pity the new bride. She shouldn't had lied in the first place, or at least hint to him while they were still dating.

Guess he finds it difficult to kiss a lady with no teeth or maybe the sight of false teeth soaking in a glass of water disgust him. Personally, I find the sight of denture in water disgusting too. I don't think I could kiss anyone with no teeth either, other than babies.

Both my husband and I had some bad teeth too but instead of false teeth, we choose crowning. At least, our so called false teeth, stays in our mouth at all time. Now only I understand why my parents keep emphasizing on taking care of our teeth when we where young.

Well, now we know that teeth could cause so much trouble to a person. Thanks for reading and take good care of your teeth.

February 16, 2010

No Experience

Manager : For a man with no experience, you are certainly asking for a high salary.

Applicant : Well, the work is much harder when you don't know what you are doing!"

********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** **********


The interviewer examined the job application, then turned to the prospective employee. "I see you have put ASAP down for the date you are available to start, meaning 'As Soon As Possible,' of course. However, I see you've put AMAP down for expected salary. I don't believe I've ever seen that before. What does it mean?" The applicant replies, "As Much As Possible!"

Just for laughs and thanks for reading.

February 14, 2010

Peer Pressure

I met a friend. I thought a new friendship would blossom. We talk, we laugh, we get in trouble together. Then he saw a bunch of cooler, better people and left me for them without a word. I was left sitting alone. Everytime I felt lonely, I wish that I have more work to do to keep me busy, to escape from my loneliness.........


The above was written by my 13 year old boy. He got bitten by the writing bug too. He saw me writing and reading about 6S. He ask what it was about and he want to try his hands on writing one. He wrote the above in just 10 minutes. Guess my writing passion is quite contagious. I would say he did a wonderful job, but you might say I am biased coz I am the mom. Well, what do you think? I encourage him to have his own blog but he said he is too busy with school work and assignments etc. Perhaps he will start one when he is in college. Happy reading and thanks for dropping by.

February 10, 2010

My Bonsai plant

Click on the photo for a better view.

It is Chinese New Year and I am dressing up my plants to make them look pretty and nice. A neighbor told me that besides pruning, trimming etc I should also pluck the old leaves with my bare hands. The more often you pluck those old leaves the next leaves that comes out from that spot would be smaller in size. When you prune it, two shoots will appear at the spot that you cut but the leaves are big if the plant appears to be healthy. At the end of each shoot, it will bloom. Well, I normally do both.

Exactly one week after you prune it and/or pluck those old leaves, it would start to bloom. Give it another week and those flowers will open and this particular bonsai, it's flowers give out a very nice smell. Can you see from the photo above, between all those leaves you can see lots of tiny white flower buds, some already open too. Just in time for Chinese New Year this Saturday.

I normally dress up my plants with red ribbons and some golden small pineapple. I just cut those red ribbons short and just tie a knot around the branches and twigs. From far it looks as if all my plants have tiny red flowers. I would also hang some golden pineapple, or what ever I could get. from the shop.

Just would like to share my success story of making my Bonsai bloom in time. Happy Chinese New Year to all and thanks for reading.

February 3, 2010

Ang Pau

The above is a picture of "Ang Pau" packets. It is sort of like a red envelope for you can put money inside. Since it is for Chinese New Year, they normally comes in red or anything bright with pictures or nice Chinese wordings wishing all a prosperous new year.

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Valentines Day. What a coincident. Most Chinese (still dating) couples especially if they both comes from different states, would be miles apart on Valentines Day, this year. Normally the first day of Chinese New Year we would spent it with our immediate family members.

This celebration last for 15 days in which during these days, married couple are to hand out "Ang Pau" to children and all those who are still single regardless of age, actually. Well, there are those elderly people who are single give "Ang Pau" to their nieces and nephews. That's why when you are not married and in your late thirties or forties, it is quite embarrassing to receive "Ang Pau" from someone younger than you.

I read in the papers sometime ago, about this 2 ladies from U.S who open a shop for people to exchange their Christmas gifts. No money was involved and it is a non profit company. It seems that every year, thousands of people would return their gifts to shops in exchange for money. Malaysian shops won't allow that. So now they can exchange it in this special shop for anything you like, even though the value is much more or less.

Why not, all start giving "Ang Pau" , money or gift vouchers from now on. This way we save all the trouble going shopping, cracking our heads as to what to buy for who. At least you won't end up getting the same gift from different friends and relatives.

I stop buying presents for my sons on birthdays, long time ago, since they started schooling. I give them money every year. It is up to them to buy something they like or save the money in the bank. That way I don't have to see their disappointed look in their face when I bought the wrong gifts.

I would like to wish all Chinese a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Thanks for reading.

February 1, 2010

Just a little boy.

Little Adam followed his dad to the swimming club and got lost and found himself in the ladies' changing room. When the ladies spotted him, there was pandemonium, shrieks and screams as the ladies jumped for cover, grabbing towels, sheets, hankies and panties.

Little Adam was amazed at the attention bestowed upon him and asked, "What's the matter? Haven't you seen a little boy before?"


His Parents Are Smart.

Little Nicky comes home from school at the end of term with his report car. The report card has all Ds and Fs. His parents start lecturing him, and Nicky explains that everyone in his class did poorly, not just him.

"But what about David down the street," they said, "He brought home all As and Bs."

"Well, David is different," he retorted.

"How so?" his father asked.

"Cos his parents are smart!"

Just for laughs. Make sure to be a smart parents from now on. Thanks for reading.
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