June 6, 2012

No One Intent To Replace You

I once read from some where that says, most dads thinks that there will never be a man who can pampered his daughter like he does and most moms thinks that her son will never get a wife who can take care of him as good as her. Well guess this is how the war between most mother-in-law with their daughter-in-law and father-in-law with their son-in-law started.The jealousy and fear that we as parents will be replace by our children's spouse. When children decided to get marry we should be happy that our children had learn to love another and is loved by one more person beside you, as parents. They got married not because they found someone to replace you as parents.

I have seen a lot of cases of such jealousy and it escalate to hatred and can't stand the sight of the other. The worst among all, to me, is cases of only son of single moms. These moms just could not let go. Every single thing that the son's wife or girlfriend does is just hot good enough. When I was young I used to tell my mom that my future husband should be an orphanage. Hahahah. Then I would have no parent's -in-law. Well, that dream didn't come true but I am getting along fine with my parent's-in-law. We aren't buddies but at least we still do share secrets and gossips.

I could see some of my friends with only one son, heading that way. The way they talk about their son, it is like their whole world evolve around the only son and nothing else matter. These friends should start a hobby or get involved with some charity work so that when their son gets a wife, these people still have something else to look forward to other then pick a fight or find fault with their son's other half.

In my opinion, we as parents, have got to learn to let go. Let them learn to love and take care of others and themselves. Every person in this world is different, even twins don't think alike all the time, so don't expect your children to get a spouse like you.

Thank for reading and happy parenting. A Happy Parents' Day to you too.


Don't unplug your hub. said...

Very wise words indeed.

Aries said...

Thank you.

GardenCentre said...

So aggressive i am inspired here.
Thanks for sharing..

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