June 17, 2012

What Are Your Priorities

I find most folks in Malaysia has a hobby of traveling oversea. Not only travel oversea but to make sure they cover the whole map, if possible, like if there is a medal or reward waiting for them at the end. Well, if you have extras and travel oversea with your love ones, once in a while, is romantic and fun thing to do for the whole family. But if to travel on loan, I would think twice.

I have seen folks with leaking roof and pipe, washing machines that hiccups when used, wear and tear of cars and house that need attention, but they would rather saved up to travel first. If they have extra after the trip, then it goes to plumbing and repairs.

Is it that important to show others that they have step foot to all the places on the map. Once a friend wrote on facebook that she long to experience winter and another friend wrote something that sounded like as if it is a big deal that this friend of mine had yet to experience it. Like it is compulsory to experience all four season abroad.

Vacations, to me, are to have a great time with love ones and photos of vacation are to remind me of what a good time we have together. If travel on loan will mean misery after the trip. Isn't our purpose in life is to be happy? I wouldn't be happy after a vacation if I have to come home to a leaking house or pipe that is not working.

Well, different folks have different priorities and traveling abroad is definitely not mine. Thanks for reading. So, what are your priorities?


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Sounds like this ppl got their priorities wrongly! We took local trips about 2-3 times a year, mostly to Penang, just relax and enjoy the beach and food. No need to go overseas and all if you can't even fix the basic necessities in your life!

supermomplace said...

wow! I've seen this before, in poor countries like that traveling seems to have to do with their social status... I think it's ridiculous!
I love to travel but I have been "staycationing" instead enjoying short week end trip locally. it doesn't make sense to spend all this money on a trip just to be in a bind after.

yahya said...

nice entry,, good writing, my friend..

convert girl said...

A lot of people take "vacation to impress"... The purposes of vacation are not having the pleasure to relax, immerse in new culture, see new things or just enjoy the beach anymore.. Some take thousands of vacation pictures not for the memory anymore but to show off. It brings greater pleasure to see their peers 'oooh and aaaah' over their pictures than the vacation itself. It's such a waste.. even more if the vacation is on loan..!

Cee S. said...

Definitely, not for me too. I'd rather spend my money to provide my kids good education than to travel. But if I have so much money to spend for, why not? For the sake of enjoyment for the whole family, but not to impress people.

It's no difference from people who take pictures of themselves holding a cup of Starbucks in their hands — I don't get it.

Ostentatious - that's how the world become ever since Facebook invaded our lives.

Aries said...

Totally agreed with you gals

Deborah Howell said...

Oh, I like to travel too, I guess, with these houses, something is going to always break or stop working it's inevitable, it's part of home ownership I could just fix this and that, and when I am done something else breaks and this project needs starting so what do I do, I go on vacation and come back and keep fixing stuff, it's a delicate balancing act.

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