October 16, 2012

Termites Problem

Oh my, we found termites trail on the ceiling and a corner of a room. It all started last year. My neighbor on my right had termites in the ceiling and he tried getting rid of it himself. After the neighbor's wife told me about it, hubby decided to get someone from the pest control company to come and take a look at our house. We were certified to be clean, no sign of termites at all.

A few months back, hubby noticed some damaged on the kitchen cabinet door and looks like it was done by termites. So we cleaned the whole cabinet and he painted a layer of anti pest poisonous kinda liquid onto the door and all. The smell was terrible and it stayed for few days.

Then about a month later, I noticed one of my hibiscus was wilting when the other plants around it is doing fine. After investigation, hubby found termites having a party on a piece of dead wood next to the hibiscus. He got rid of that too on his own.

Last week he noticed termites trail on the ceiling. Now we are worried and seek professional help. Luckily enough the damage was not much. I didn't pay much attention to termites until the guy from the pest control explained to us about termites colony, that there is no way they could eat up the whole roof overnight etc.

They just look for the trail, confirm there are termites and what is the species and they just stick a box of yummy termites food on the trail. Once they eat it, the workers will die gradually and the rest of the colony will die too. It seems that only the workers chew on woods and after that the workers will go home and feed the queen, the baby termites and the soldiers.

Wow, the whole colony only depend on the workers to find food to feed them all. So sounds like three quarters of the colony are lazy bums. At least we are getting rid of it the natural way, non poisonous, no terrible smell and we don't have to pack our bags and move house.

I told my son that we are going to kill the whole colony of termites meaning that those few houses around my house will be safe from termites for a while. My son jokingly said that in that case neighbors nearby should help pay the cost of the pest control too.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you don't and never will have termites problem. They often hide from us and are really sensitive, once their trail was disturbed, they will immediately moved to another corner of the house.


Don't unplug your hub. said...

We don't have termites in England. I am pleased you have solved your problem with them.

Would you consider getting rid of the word verification thing too. It can be difficult to read, and I am sure it stops some people from leaving a comment. It's just a thought.

Masshole Mommy said...

Ugh - that stinks that you have to deal with that. A friend of mine actually works for a company that helps people get rid of termites & he's shown me pictures of some of the damage those little suckers have done to people's homes. I hope you never have to deal with them again!!!

Cee S. said...

We experienced the same thing. We had it controlled but we also had to replace our kitchen cabinets after the treatment because of the damage these pests have done.

Glad to hear you didn't have to replace some parts of the ceiling - it would have been costly.

Aries said...

Hi thanks for visiting. I am not sure of the verification thing when you add a comment. I think it was pre-set by blogspot. I will try and check on it and see what I can do. Thanks for informing me, sir.

Lucile Lynch said...

Oh, I hate termites! Just last month, I noticed that some of the wood trim at the back of my neighbor’s house were damaged by termites. I told them to immediately replace the wood and inspect the underside of the siding to track the trail of the termites. It was quite the hard row to hoe. When we finally found the termites, though, we sprayed liquid control on them and cleaned the area completely before putting the new trim in place. We also removed the plant covering crawling up the wood because it was causing the wood to decay, thus inviting termites to settle in.

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