November 23, 2010

Sharing means caring?!?

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about mistresses. Most people's perception were mistress is someone who is hot, sexy and most of the time way much younger and better looking than the wife. Most female caller mentioned that if it happens to them, they are not willing to share their man.

This reminds me of a classmate of mine in my teen years. She stays quite near my house and very often for school projects etc, me and some classmates would hang out at her place. She is an only child, staying with her mum in a double storey house. We rarely get to see her dad. Her mum has an intimidating face but she is very nice to us when ever we visits.

One day, at her house, as we were searching for photos for school projects, we came across a photo of a man blowing candles from a birthday cake with 2 ladies standing by his side. One lady was kissing his left cheek and the other lady kissing his right cheek. We recognized the lady on the left as her mum, the man, her dad and she told us the other lady is her dad's wife.

Both ladies look about the same age, not only are they not good looking, both had a fierce looking face. Anyway, all three looks happy in that photo. There were few more photos taken with all of them having dinner, including the wife's 2 other children. My classmate don't seems to mind telling us about all these. She is also quite close to her elder half brother and sister.

Her dad really took good care of both wifes and all his children. Both wifes are staying in double storey houses at separate location, he sends all his children oversea to further their studies and both wifes are housewife.

I wonder what was the wife's first reaction when she found out about my friend's mum. Her dad must possess a lot of charm to be able to get his wife and children to accept his mistress. Long time ago in China, a man's success was measured by his wealth and number of wifes and children he has. During those days, all the wifes and children stays in the same house and more often then not, the wifes always allows the husband to have more than a wife. Maybe they have no choice but to follow the customs.

But in this century, when I hear stories about wife and mistress eating at the same table, it is very odd. Sharing your man openly now a days makes the female feels like her man does not respect her as a wife. Don't you think so?

Thanks for reading anyway. Just some tales that I think is worth sharing. If the above did ever happen to you (touch wood, hope not) would you mind sharing your man?


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I have known of a couple of friends who are in this situations, and an aunt who initially had to accept finding out her husband's mistress and had to share her husband.

They even stay together in the same house, same bed and all. I'm not sure why she endures all this, in the end, my aunt shifted out with her 5 kids and is now happily living with her eldest daughter's family. I'm not sure she's divorced or not but she's not been together with her husband anymore...

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh, forgot to mention the mistress is about 1-2 years older than my aunt's eldest daughter only... sad huh?

Stephaine said...

well I have seen a lot of like this already. At first it feel so weird but I guess its just a matter of self acceptance and a matter of a lot of stupidity.. "sorry for the world" and oh in china it still happens now a days they call them second wife though they dont call them mistresses... this happen if the first wife cant have a son..
I should have known I am chinese by blood..

Ms Bibi said...
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Ms Bibi said...

I do love to share, but there are some things in life that shouldn't be shared and husband/wife is one of them.

Aries said...

Thanks for all the comments. Can't believe there are still women who don't mind sharing. Guess sharing is indeed caring. lol

baili said...

i think if wife really loves her husband she cannot share him at any cost but if she is bearing it she must check her feelings inside her heart ,

take care dear

Pink Jewelry said...

there are some women that don't mind sharing husband, but for me, i better get divorce than sharing my husband with another woman.
It is a sad thing, to shared somebody you love with another woman. My heart would break to pieces.

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting.

Eelynn @ Babies said...

Husband shouldn't be shared.
Wife shouldn't be shared. Period.

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