December 27, 2010

Hold my hand

Every time when an elderly couple seen walking together, holding each other's hand, most would stop and say "Oh! So sweet!" or "Maybe they became a couple just recently."Is it to most, their expectation is that, when couples reach that ripe age, they were suppose to grow apart?

Someone once told me that when she is interested in a guy, she could not see other guys that is around her except for him. Once he is her steady boyfriend, she began to notice that other guys are far much better than him. Guess once she discovered all his strength and weaknesses, she focus on his weaknesses, and other guys seems to be better now.

Perhaps this is what makes couples grew apart, the longer they stay together, the more they see their differences. Oh, I had seen married couples, not only grew apart, but starts to hate each other. Wasn't she / he your first choice, those days, when you have so many to choose from? In the end it would lead to divorce.

I find that a lot of Asians, as they grow old, think that it is a bad thing to show their love and affections to their spouse in public, especially when their children are around. What is so wrong about giving your spouse a kiss or a hug or hold hands in front of your children.

There was a time when hubby and I was lying around in bed, side by side, watching t.v in my room and my 13 year old passed by. He stopped, looked at both of us and said, "Do two of you have to be so romantic?" Hah hah. That was funny, to both of us, then. Maybe he too, after so many t.v dramas and movies, thinks that as parents grow old, they aren't suppose to do things together.

I would say, if you really want to stay as a couple, happily for ever, accept each others differences. Act and think like a conjoined twins. Even twins have their differences. They only look alike, don't really think alike. A couple of arguments and disagreements is healthy between anyone. Don't make it a big deal and never try to change the other person.

Thanks for reading and hope, hand in hand, we make it work, happily ever after.


Glo-w~* said...

I agree, everyone has their weakness. But your choice should always be the best. My man is the most handsome, masculine, talented, intelligent, most awesome man I married. though he's lost in the house chores department teehee...

Classic NYer said...

I've often wondered what is people's aversion to public displays of affection... is love wrong?

Great post, btw.

baili said...

i agree that in Asians couples avoid to express their feelings even when they are alone especially men feel it unnecessary ,

but these are the real oxygen for married life ,they keep the plant of marriage green forever ,

thanks for such beautiful sharing dear god bless

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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