December 20, 2010

Lab Mouse

Look at the cute little fellow. I am actually very afraid of mice. One did came in my house one day. As hubby was looking around for it, I would hide myself in the room with the door shut tight, and up my bed. If I happen to be at the kitchen with a mouse around, I would be on top of the chair in no time. Hubby would laugh at the silly me. He always said why a huge fellow like me be so afraid of a tiny fellow like this. I just can't help it.

This cute little fellow was to be sacrifice in the name of science the next day. My eldest son is in the science stream, form 4. Few months back, his biology class need them to dissect a frog and a mouse. I did that too when I was in form 4. My son was in charge of getting the mouse.

We went to the local pet shop and asked for white mice and the lady said they ran out, ask if it is alright to have a grey one. Well, a mouse is a mouse be it grey or white. Took it home in this container. I have been staring at this little fellow for quite sometime and noticed that it cleans itself almost every half an hour. Never knew a mouse would want to stay clean at all time.

The more I and my youngest son look at it, the more we find it adorable. My youngest even suggested that we free him. He also asked why the school syllabus includes killing adorable animals. Hmmm at least he died for a good reason, education, good enough.

The next day, my son said, even though the mouse was heavily sedated it didn't stop kicking when they try to cut it open. My son said it was a real fighter. He felted pity, couldn't cut, his friend did it. Oh so cruel. Guess none from my family would end up being a doctor.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas to all Christians around the world.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yikes! Thank you for bringing back those memories I've suppressed long ago during high school days in Biology class where we had to dissect animals like this...

I too couldn't bring myself to kill the animals. Let one of my friends do it while I stay few feet away staring at the ceiling or floor until the poor animal stop moving...

Ms Bibi said...

I can't stand any rodent kind of creatures.We had our share of mice in our house while building and it just grosses me out.

Aries said...

HI, thanks for visiting

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