December 8, 2011

Grumpy Grandma

I used to think that grandparents are the most fantastic people on Earth. Not sure about you but I indeed got a loving grandma who pampered me and my sister more than my parents. A neighbor of mine, who lives behind my house, is a very grumpy grandma. Those days when I just moved in to the neighborhood, I rarely hear her yell. Now a days since she had to take care of her grandchild, I could hear her yell almost everyday. It is either "Don't touch that", "Why can't you just sit still", "Told you not to ...." etc.

The child could hardly speak a full sentences, my guess is she could only be around two to three years of age. Poor child. I, felt like the child is in prison.

Having children around is like having pets. Have to keep them occupied. If not they would ransack the whole house. I am sure those with children or pets will agree with me.

I used to collect McDonald Happy meals toys for my sons when they were young. On birthdays, I would pampered them with more toys, educational toys or toys that would keep them busy for a while. To me Lego and Hot Wheel is a must. My sons love cars, guess most boys do. So with a set of Hot Wheel, they need time to assemble the tracks etc and they could play for hours.

Someone taught me to keep all toys in two or three separate boxes. Let them play with only one box of toys and hide the others. After a week or so, they get bored, hide the first box and let them play with toys in the second box. Works for me, all the time.

So when they are busy with their toys, I could at least have some time to do housework and they don't even bother to touch my stuffs. When they are busy, I am busy and less or zero yelling which makes them happy children and most important me a happy mommy.

Sometime I wanted so much to tell my neighbor about what had worked for me in the past but then on second thought she might think that I am teaching an old lady with few grown up children how to be a mom again? Better keep my thoughts to myself.

Happy reading and hope you are a happy parent too. Happy parenting to your children and pets.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

You are right! I realised I've been yelling a lot lately to my boy too! Don't touch this, don't sit there, careful your baby sister! Arghhh... I feel so bad having to yell at him every now and then. Guess this bad mummy needs to pay more attention to him and keep him occupied!

Cee said...

I keep some of my daughters' toys too, so if they get bored I have something to pull out, especially during rainy days wherein they hardly have physical activities. But no matter what, my daughters easily gets bored with toys. Luck enough if they play the same toys more than three times.

My grandpa was the one who used to spoil us. I miss my grandma, but I miss my grandpa more. :)

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting and happy parenting

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