January 7, 2012

Car Accident (funny)

A man was trying out of a parking lot when he bounced the bumper of a car parked in front of him. This was witnessed by a small group of pedestrians waiting for the bus. The driver got out and inspected the damage, and proceeded to write a note to leave on the windscreen of the car he hit.

The note said: "Hello sir / madam, whichever the case may be. I have just hit your car and there are some people watching me and they think that I am writing this note to leave you my name, phone number and address. But I am not."

Who Is Younger

At a recent class, a member of the class mentioned he has two children. The facilitator asked, "How old are they?"

"Eleven and nine." The facilitator asked, "Two boys or two girls?" He replied, "One of each." "Which one is the younger?" "The nine-year old," was the reply.

Just for laughs! Thanks for reading. Hope I get to blog more in the future.


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