January 24, 2012

To Give Or Not To Give

As we all know Chinese all over the world are celebrating Chinese New Year now which will last for fifteen days. Married couples are required to give "Ang Pau" (red packet with money in it) to others who are single during these fifteen days. Bosses too gives "Ang Pau" to workers etc. Single folks, customary, do not give Ang Pau to others. I have absolutely no problem with this but one small hiccup.

Sometime single folks who are about my age or older than me would appear and I am not sure if I should give that person an Ang Pau. Felt kinda awkward to give and not sure if they would feel offended to received.

I would normally give to those who are single but younger than me. I have distance relatives, quite a few actually, who are still single and no intention of getting marry, ever. There was a time, I heard a little child asking her mom how come that particular auntie didn't give her an Ang Pau because that aunt look old enough to start giving.

There are also those that grow up with me and never got married and every year when I gave out And Pau to nieces and nephews and children and have to give him one, he receives unpleasantly. Maybe because I am only two years his senior and had been giving him Ang Pau for almost twenty years now. Hmmm wonder if I should stop giving him or continue and pretend that it is not a big deal.

If only we could exchange gift like Christmas instead of giving Ang Pau, then awkward moments like these would never appear but then again, our tradition will be loss for ever.

Happy Chinese New Year to all and thanks for reading. By the way, do you have any awkward moments that you would like to share?


Cee S. said...

We give younger ones Ang Paus too.

Elders in the family used to give us Ang Paus (aunts and uncles), but since they're now somewhat old and jobless, it's now our turn to give back. I don't know, but I guess, they have never been offended by it, maybe because of the mutual understanding among us—of who has the capability to give now and who doesn't.

The one whom you have been giving Ang Pau for twenty years. It's about time to stop! :D

I'm a full-time mummy said...

We give to younger ones and also the singles (even though they are older than us). We also give to our parents and grandparents.

Aries said...

Hi thanks for visiting.

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