January 30, 2012

My Bling Bling Garden

One of my Bonsai that I had yet to figure out what shape it is suppose to be. Just tilt it one side and keep trimming the other side. Looks artistic to me.

This Bonsai I tried very hard to make it curve like a fan exactly like the pot. Looks like only one sided fan.

This is the heart-shaped Bonsai in my earlier post a year back. Hooray! It is still surviving and not only that, this year, for the first time it bear seeds. Can you see that two long thing dangling by the side that looks like beans, they are it's seed.

Bought this a week before Chinese New Year. Love the baby plants dangling by it's side. Couldn't resist when we went plant shopping.

Since I don't celebrate Christmas and don't have a chance to decorate a Christmas tree, I decorate my potted plants with some bling bling every year on Chinese New Year. Those are gold color ornament in the shape of gold nuggets, golden tiny fans and red ribbons. When the sun shines on it, it sure blings.

Thanks for visiting. Just wanna keep a copy of these photos in the blog so that my future generations can view it in the future, hahahahah not sure if they would ever be interested in my mommy blog. It is still Chinese New Year but the mood had died off by now.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I've always been mesmerised by bonsai plants! Very cute and it's as though it's a whole world by itself!

Aries said...

I love shaping it and maintaining it to be a miniature of a giant tree in a pot, lovely.

UPENDRA said...

Nice blog

Cee S. said...

Lovely bonsai plants you got there! I once owned a couple of Bonsai plants before, but they all died during my gardening hiatus. LOL Good on you for maintaining it so well. =)

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