February 18, 2012

Bee Bite Me

Recently, my mom brought up this story about how my son was stung by bee, again. It happened when my eldest son was only one and half years old. He couldn't even make proper sentences but I had been surrounding him with books since very young. I remember how my mom used to think that I am crazy because to her a child should start to be around books when they enter school.

In order to make him sit on his potty during potty training, I showed him books after books of colorful pictures and tell him the name of that object in the picture, in a fun way. My mom used to disagree with me, introducing books to my son at such a young age. Well, if done in a fun way, I don't see any harm but instead benefit us all.

One fine day, my mom was staying with us then. Hubby and I were at work. Mom was busy in the kitchen cooking. My son was playing with his toys in the hall. Suddenly, she heard him shouted "Bee bite me! Bee bite me!" with his broken English and all. Mom ran out to see what actually happened. My son kept pointing at his tummy and said "Bee bite me! Bee bite me!"

My mom saw a red dot on his tummy but not sure if he was stung by a bee as she don't think he even know how a bee look like. Not taking chances, she took my son and ran to the nearest clinic. By the time it is my son's turn to see the doctor, half of his body was swollen. The doctor found the bee needle still on my son's stomach and confirmed he was stung by a bee.

Thank goodness he got medical attention immediately. My mom was so puzzled as to how my son could have known it was a bee. Once they reached home, my mom search around the hall for the dead bee and found it behind the curtain. She kept it and showed us when we came home from work.

My son still have that tiny scar on his tummy until today and once in a while when any of us sees the scar, this story will pop up and my mom would say "Clever Boy!" Well, guess those books and documents on t.v that I share with my son does pay off.
Glad to know after that incident, mom don't think that I am crazy anymore.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy another of my mommy's tale.


Don't unplug your hub said...

You did the right thing, and it paid off. Your son benefitted well from his book learning.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wow! What a true story! Good for you to introduce books to your children! Good boy!

Aries said...

At last I found folks who agrees with me and don't think that I am nuts.

Cheryl Roth said...

Cute post, kids are amazing, they know a lot before we realize it.
I'm returning your visit, already following you.

Cee S. said...

Very nice! I love the part where your mom was amazed by your boy's knowledge! :D

I remember when I used to complain to the teachers about introducing geography to kids of age three. But after a few days, I was surprised by how my daughter knows each of the continents in the map. hehe

I believe in early introduction to kids too, esp. if done in a fun way. I even started listening to classical musics while I was pregnant with my second child.

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing your stories

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